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Crohn's disease can be a very serious condition if not dealt with and treated appropriately. However, there are so many great medications nowadays that most patients with Crohn's disease are able to lead relatively normal lives. Decades ago, patients with Crohn's disease, would end up in the hospital when they had a flare of their disease. Now patients can see their physicians and usually get outpatient care to control their symptoms. And we have great safe medications now that can control Crohn's disease for many, many, many years. So patients with Crohn's disease have a very good prognosis. They can lead normal lives and their life expectancy is not necessarily shorter than anybody else. There are people who run their own companies, very successful people who have Crohn's disease, and you wouldn't know it.

Doctor Profile

Omid Shaye, MD


  • Board Certified Gastroenterologist, Internist, Primary Care Doctor
  • Co-Director of Bariatric Gastroenterology at the Khalili Center
  • Expert on the specific gastroenterological needs of bariatric patients

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